Monthly Archives: August 2015


Hello pals, we’re back with another preseason podcast where we talk for like, 3 minutes or something about football (because FOR REAL that is as much time as the preseason deserves) and then spend a bunch of time talking about other stuff. You can also totally subscribe to the podcast on itunes here, by doing so you’ll get our next two preseason pods as well as all of our weekly podcasts that distill our Monday night shows into just the best of three hours of our blabbering. Feel free to subscribe, rate, and comment, it really helps our fragile egos.


HEY DAWGS, WE’RE BAAAAAAAAAACK, in like podcast form (whaaaaaa you say? three white dudes (well one straight up white dude and an italian and a jew but that’s kind of splitting hairs, right?) with a podcast? THAT’S CRAZY! Actually it’s a new law that when three dudes over thirty each have computers they’re required to make a podcast for at least three episodes. THANKS OBAMA). Get ready for the 2015 season of us kind of talking about football with this half hour of us, surprisingly, just kind of talking about football. We recap our offseasons, talk about the upcoming season of football (and FOOTBALLZ), and generally blather in the way that no one has told us to stop doing. SO LISTEN UP AND LISTEN IN! FOOTBALLZ IS BACK!