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4th Quarter Poll for Week 6! (Colts vs. Chargers)

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I like my beer by the liter

I like my beer by the liter





Week six! Or as they would say in german, woche sechs! Our football teams are settling into their super happy fun times seasons (unless you are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, in that case you are just trying to coat yourself in bactine and trying not to touch anything) playing for the most benevolent and wonderful organization in the world! Hold on, let me just watch this documentary that everybody is talking about, I’ll pick this up in a couple hours…

HOLY SHIT! FOOTBALL KIND OF STINKS! OR AT LEAST THE ORGANIZATION OF FOOTBALL KIND OF STINK! Jeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz, I mean there is  a lot of intelligent discussion going on in the wake of League of Denial (which you should totally watch, like right now) but if you didn’t know anything about the subject of The NFL’s concussion problems you might FREAK THE FUCK OUT after watching it. That being said the thing that stuck with me the most is how much bosses suck and the level at which they place the value of the dollar over the other human beings in their service. The NFL makes billions of dollars (and has to pay almost no taxes on those monies) and you’d think that as soon as they found out that there was a potential problem with their players that they’d throw some of those billions at investigating that problem. Instead they chose to line their pockets are try to deny their way out of the problem. SUPER COOL DUDES, SUPER COOL, LET’S KEEP PENALIZING THESE DUDES FOR DOING DANCES ON THE FIELD WHILE TRYING TO MAKE SURE THEY CAN’T SUE US LATER. LET’S PREVIEW THIS WEEK WHILE WE ALL FEEL VERY CONFLICTED FEELINGS!

THE INDIANAPOLIS COLTS have had a pretty charmed existence the last 15 or so years. In 1998 they landed future hall of famer/possible Aliester Crowley-style sex magick enthusiast Peyton Manning who lead them from the wasteland of football mediocrity into perennial title contention. They then experienced one year of Curtis Painter based horrors while Manning was injured and earned the first pick in the draft. That year the draft happened to be headed by a once in a lifetime quarterback prospect Andrew Luck who lead them back to playoffs in his rookie year. Though some have attributed that trip to please-dummies-notice-the-lack-of-a-capital-L-luck this year they’ve proved that it might not have been the fluke the experts have made it out to be (please do recognize that last week’s win over my beloved Seahawks should be credited as much to the poor officiating as to capital L Luck and yes I do recognize these grapes as quite sour BUT I’M IN CHARGE HERE SO LISTEN TO MY GRIPES). Lest all of you people get jealous about the Colts quarterbacking situation just remember, all their fans have to live in Indianapolis and that Andrew Luck looks like a total goofus with a dumb beard.

THE SAN DIEGO CHARGERS fans live in a city that nature has made beautiful but man has turned into a giant strip mall for republicans and the people that are forced to serve them (SRRY SO POLITICAL/CLASS WARRIOR THIS WEEK). The Chargers themselves have been a bit of a surprise this year. After finally jettisoning long time head coach/media punching bag Norv Turner (I WILL NEVER STOP LINKING TO THAT PHOTO) and hiring person I’ve never heard of/maybe replicant Mike McCoy (look at those eyes, he’d never pass the Voight-Kampff) the team seems not to be as terrible as hey have been the last couple of years. Unfortunately they are stuck in the same division as the currently undefeated Broncos and Chiefs and the kind of interesting Oakland Raiders so their playoff hopes are close to nil. At least noted jerk/weirdo/laserface Philip Rivers seems to be having a good time and we all know that cocky Philip Rivers is way more fun than sad Philip Rivers. BUT WE ARE FUN WHETHER WE ARE COCKY OR SAD! ALSO THE CHARGERS WILL BE WEARING THEIR THROWBACK UNIFORMS! WHICH ARE AWESOME! AND BABY BLUE! WHICH NOW MAKES ME THINK ABOUT THIS EVERY TIME I HEAR THAT PHRASE (CLICK ONLY IF YOU WANT A POPULAR TV SHOW’S ENDING RUINED)! SO TONIGHT! WE WILL RUIN NOTHING! BECAUSE FOOTBALLZ IS BACK! 8:30PM EASTERN! HERE! AND AT THECLASSICAL.ORG! ALSO AN INTERVIEW WITH BRIDGET DONAHUE, CO-FOUNDER OF CLEOPATRA’S! WE TALK A LOT ABOUT ART! AND THIS! PLUS IN-STUDIO GUEST/COMEDIAN/WRITER/KARAOKE GRAND WIZARD GREGG GETHARD! TONIIIIIIIGGGGHHHHTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!



INTERVIEWZ: Camille Dodero of Gawker

Here is last Monday’s interview with Camille Dodero of I sound like a normal not drunk/having a stroke human being on this one but the sound is a little fuzzy (sorry dawgs). Camille manages to overcome these sound problems to speak eloquently on the current state of online media and where it might while giving insight to what it is like to work in the Dentonverse (who knew the Deadspin dudes were so serious?).  We want to thank her deeply for sitting down with us. PLEASE ENJOY!

October Injury Update


by Mac Carroll
(Originally published by The Tardy Eagle as part of the October Issue of the Boston Countercultural Compass)injury_report

THROW LIKE A GIRL: Southern Food of the North



by Deborah

I wasted the first 30 or so years of my life thinking that it made no sense to combine the chicken with the waffle. After all, these very two discreet items sit uncomfortably next to each other on the plate, with no seeming desire to mingle, right? Why put something with a bone on top of something that usually serves as the core of a breakfast dessert, right? Wrong.


My eyes were opened by Marvin, a restaurant kind of in the south, but appealing to the northern gentrifiers of northwest DC. Much like the chicken and waffles dish itself, this restaurant combines two seemingly unrelated things (Belgian and Southern food) into something that seems to work (as another girl, aka “bitch” can attest). I could go on about Marvin Gaye as the namesake of the restaurant, the neighborhood, and all the symbolism surrounding the restaurant as connected to today’s key dish, but I’ll leave that to your imagination. I’ll focus on just one thing: both of these things are Northern perceptions of the South. On a recent trip to rural Kentucky, the locals emphatically denounced any regional connection to the dish, even while claiming a much grosser sounding food made out of squirrels and with the unfortunate name of Burgoo. Turns out, there’s not really any part of the south that lays claim to chicken and waffles. NPR, a great resource for all things south, confirmed this for me. And, in Boston, the upscale southern places are multiplying that love to serve this dish and its cousins to all the Yankees (see exhibit A, my first northern-southern experience).

But, back to me. I have learned this: Maple syrup can work magic. It ties everything together. Chicken and waffles, with your own added syrup, is divine.

This knowledge came in handy when esteemed Footballz co-host TD Sidell graced me and EPK (for those of you not in the know, think FOOTBALLZ) with an all-day sports watching binge (let’s just say that sport was football). Despite his seeming intelligence and grace  on his weekly broadcasts, the version of TD heading to our house wanted to bring over Banquet chicken. What, what? And, despite the fact that frozen, boxed, fried chicken is obviously only stocked for last-minute moments of desperation and sadness, TD actually told us this in advance. Days in advance. Which gave me plenty of time to spring into action and maintain our home’s culinary standards. Which leads us to…

Making the food of the week — There are three basic components of making delicious chicken and waffles. 1) Chicken; 2) Waffles; 3) Maple Syrup (this part is pronounced silently). Got it?

1) Fried Chicken. This is one of those places that Epicurious is not the answer. It has a snobby appeal that I usually appreciate, but that’s no good for simple, greasy, comfort food. So AllRecipes it is. I don’t know enough to adjust the recipe, so I’ll just give a few tips based on my one success and one failure in making fried chicken:

  • Soak the chicken in the buttermilk mix for a long time. Overnight. This is nice for the juiciness.
  • Don’t try to deep fry chunks of meat in a dorm room on a cheap hot plate. It just might end up luke warm and soggy. Not the goal here.
  • Dark meat. Please. No problem that there is a bone here, I trust your eating skills. You might think that light meat is better, but that just makes you a stupid American. Drumsticks and thighs are always the best, but this is especially true paired with the waffle.
  • Be ready to eat it as soon as it’s done, because old fried food is yuck.

2) Waffles. Don’t be stupid, only use the waffle part of this recipe. Although, in other circumstances the rest of the recipe is super tasty too, but more for a girl’s brunch than a manly, smelly sport-watching day. The key to the waffle is that it be hefty enough to support a sizable portion of chicken. That’s why I go belgian. It also continues the Marvin inspiration. And now, thoughts on waffles:

  • Follow this recipe straight up – no need to adjust. Easy.
  • Much like frying chicken needs a stove that actually gets hot, waffles require their own special equipment.  I have recently learned that the waffle iron doesn’t need to have a handle. In a pinch, oven mitts or burnt finger tips will do.
  • I haven’t tried adding chicken to the best waffles in the world, but if you want chicken and waffles while you’re in Seattle (shout out TD! Please don’t use Banquet here!), try topping them off with BringYourOwnChicken.

3) Maple syrup. This isn’t hard. Just use a lot, all over. Until your plate, fingers, mouth, and chin are all sticky. Then add a bit more.

I think that’s enough. There’s your latest football food. With West Coast, 10am, games in mind. But good anytime.








Week 5 4th Quarter Poll! Jets vs. Falcons

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