THROW LIKE A GIRL: A Dutiful Wife Says “Don’t Be a Chicken: Eat Meat.”

Do not attempt to eat while looking at this image

Do not attempt to eat while looking at this image

by Deborah

Last year, I launched Throw Like a Girl with a cheese/starch treo fundamental to football watching – nachos (which are so important that Foodspin followed in my footsteps a month later, I might bitterly add), lasagna, and pizza. Well, I’m back now and still eating food. Unfortunately, my husband has turned into a sissy and stopped eating meat. So now its up to me to man up and represent the joys of meat. Which means that this year, we start with chicken wings.

The best way to get chicken wings, if they are still as good as they were 7 years ago, is to go to Binga’s Wingas. This is true despite their terrible name, even more terrible logo, and the mild inconvenience of having to get to Portland Maine. But, if you want something a bit closer to home, it turns out it’s possible to make tasty chicken wings at home.

I humbly offer two basic varieties of chicken wings. They are the first two that I made and the ones I usually return to: buffalo wings and and honey mustard.

Buffalo is, of course, the most classic of all. And, luckily for you, they are super easy to make. Even Epicurious, which always manages to make everything way too complicated has kept this one simple. Despite the simplicity, they did get two things wrong: 1) Louisiana hot sauce, really? Why? This guy  prefers Louisiana, but his reason for loving hot sauce comes from his love of Taco Bell (must I remind you?), so he is obviously wrong. In other words, go with Frank’s (it’s also what my husband likes — or liked, back when he still ate real food). If you need more convincing, it’s also what Serious Eats knows is best. 2) I guess frying tastes good, but it’s messy and these things taste just as good cooked in the oven. So, just put the wings in a single layer on a pan and then put that pan in the oven at, I don’t know, 500 degrees for about 25-30 minutes, including one time turning each and every wing, and you’re good to go. Dip in the delicious butter/hot combo after that.

And now onto honey mustard, which is even easier. For this you need 2 ingredients: 1) chicken wings; 2) Inglehoffer honey mustard. I said Inglehoffer right? Because it has to be Inglehoffer. Even if you can only find it in tiny jars at the store. The process is pretty much the same as with buffalo style, but I like to let the honey mustard cook on the wings a bit. That usually works better at slightly lower heat, either cook it all lower and longer, or just lower the temperature at the end and throw the wings back in once they’re coated in honey mustard at 400 degrees for another 5-10 minutes.

Then enjoy properly – you know, like this or this or this or on and on and on.

Don’t forget some napkins.

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