Week 2 – Giants vs. Rams



rip (probably)


Ah week two, when the season is still fresh, hopes abound, and nobody knows anything yet but because they are paid to many people act like they do. We, of course, love this, we make no claim to powers of prognostication or expertise (except for this, the Colts are bad and we may be poor sports for saying so but if someone started a tumblr of screenshots from yesterday’s game of sad Colts fans, whose faces were AMAZING, we would subscribe in an instant. We’ll even give you the title for free, atleastyoustillhaveallthoseconventions.tumblr.com) but only to love and loathe the game of football and this week (as in all weeks) that loveage and loatheage is in full effect (or if you prefer, and I think you do, FULL FORCE).

this is obviously what you prefer

This week we see a couple of teams who are deep in the pool of the possible (unlike the aforementioned Colts and perhaps the Chiefs and Seahawks who are drowning in the pool of the impossible and yes it is kind of like being stuck with these guys playing a live acoustic show in your bedroom that you are unable to leave that lasts 18 weeks), The Giants and The Rams are pretty much unknown quantities at this point but we have e-pages to fill (sorry e-trees) so let’s talk about them anyway.

The Giants are four years removed from this (no clicky, Pats fans) and it has not been a kind four years. Three disappointing seasons have seen their “franchise” quarterback regress and continued their ritual of annually calling for their demon-faced punter hating head coach’s firing. This season started with high hopes as per usual but has seen the team ravaged by injuries in the pre-season, some say they were cursed but I blame their gross grey pants (is it the matte finish? this question has plagued me for years if you have an answer please email weirdpantsproblem@anglefire.com). AAAAAAAnnnnyway, yes there will be lots of jokes at the expense of Eli, don’t worry.

for real, these gross me out big time

Their opponents, the St. Louis Rams, haven’t been on Monday Night Football for five years so that is exciting. Luckily for us their uniforms do not make us nauseous and hey, they might actually be good this year. There are many things to like about the Rams but mostly we’re just excited not to watch another game between teams in the AFC/NFC Easts. You are probably expecting more information than that but hey it’s lunch time IM IN A TERRIBLE MOOD, so deal. BUT TONIGHT! I EXPECT TO BE IN A BETTER MOOD! BUT EVEN IF I’M NOT PEOPLE HAVE TOLD I CAN BE VERY ENTERTAINING WHEN CRABBY! BACK TO OUR REGULAR TIME! 8:30PM EASTERN! LISTEN LIVE! ENJIY MUSIC! FOOOOOTTTTTBBBBAAAALLLLZZZZZIUH[GFDSHGAFKDHGFSLKDKGFLDLKL/SKLKLNN!

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