SO IT IS UPON US, the return of FOOBALLZ LIVE is imminent and obviously it is a crime against nature because you know this. WE PERSEVERE, THERE IS NO WEATHER EVENT THAT CAN STOP US, we are like the post office but with better outfits and we would totally make sure your mail got to your new address that you turned in your forwarding form for two weeks before you moved rather than making you wait and wonder for a month and probably not get something important in the mail and you would not curse us quietly under your breath every time you came into one of our branches, this is a all dependent on us starting to deliver letters and packages (and probably getting tattoos like this) and having offices and whatnot but we don’t so we just mean that this thing is still happening tonight. DO YOU WANT SPECIFIC INFORMATION FOR TONIGHT? THAT IS RHETORICAL, HERE IS THE PLACE WITH SPECIFICS. This evening will be great, you should come to our football ark.

THE GAME ITSELF, just might be another stinker, the 49ers are good and the Cardinals might have fooled people for the early part of the season but they are falling into line as the offensive pile of stinky garbage that everyone predicted. The 49ers are coached by a dude that everyone considers to be a jerk and a bully but as everyone says right after they tell you he is a jerk and a bully, he gets them to win games. They still have a mediocre question mark at quarterback with Alex Smith but they have surrounded him with a lot of weapons and their defense is top notch. The Cardinals had everybody wearing their holy crap hats as they started the season 4-0 but have fallen down to earth (as have the sale of holy crap hats) and sit at 4-3. They also have a pretty good defense but their offense has more than a question mark at quarterback, they have at least an interrobang if not an irony punctuation. Their season started with John “the human” Skelton under center but after a week one injury they turned the reins over to Kevin “can you believe they traded that much for me or that they are paying me so much also have you seen my super cool beard” Kolb but now the Skelton returns so they have some quarterback continuity problems (other than the continuing problem of wasting the talents of one of the best talents in football, WR Larry Fitzgerald). SO TONIGHT! LIVE AND PERSON! BUT STILL ON THE INTERNET! WE RETURN! SORRY FOR THE BREVITY OF THIS PREVIEW! WE WERE ESCAPING A HURRICANE YESTERDAY! ALSO STILL HAVE TO GO TO WORK TODAY DESPITE THIS! BUT DON’T LET THAT STOP YOU FROM JOINING US TONIGHT! COME ABOARD OUR FOOTBALLZ PLEASURE SHIP! THERE WILL BE LIVE MUSIC! AND LIVE HEAD SHAVING! AND OUR LIVING FACES FOR YOU TO SAY WHATEVER YOU WANT TO! MIDDLESEX LOUNGE! GET THERE BEFORE 8:30PM! STILL LISTEN AT FOOTBALLZ.ORG!



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