Oh the excitement continues this week with another formal resident of prime time milk cartons, THE DETROIT LIONS, and the never quite that good CHICAGO BEARS.  We here at FOOTBALLZ had a big weekend so this preview will be both late and brief. The Lions are a part of the renaissance that is taking place in Detroit, first everybody went bonkers over these photos, then there was the commercial, and now sports are good again (or in the case of the going to be bad for a little while Pistons, just not playing ). Led on defense by Ndamukong Suh and on offense by the possessor of the best nickname/wide receiving skills in the league, Calvin “Megatron” Johnson, the only thing holding them back could be the possibility that their number one draft pick quarterback Matthew Stafford might actually not be very good (which is a real possibility).

sorry Herman Cain, Calvin for pres

The Bears are stuck in the unfortunate middle class of the NFL, the have some enough players (Matt Forte, Devin Hester) to be always be competitive but the really scare no one. They have a decent quarterback who we learned over the summer is tough but seems like a jerk because he’s actually kind of a jerk. Their Super Bowl longings will go for naught year after year till they rip it up and start again, that being said they could win tonight. YES TONIGHT! WE RETURN TO TALK EVEN IF ONE OF US WAS UP SUPER LATE WATCHING A 24 HOUR ART PIECE! YES THAT IS BOTH BRAGGING AND AN EXCUSE! HAHAHAHAHA! COVERING OUR BUTTS WHILE SHOWING OFF OUR BRAINS! THIS ONE WILL PROBABLY BE THE LAST “GOOD” GAME FOR A FEW WEEKS! LISTEN! ENJOY! 8:30PM! FOOTBALLZ.ORG!
The Footballz Team


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