image by Aaron Dana

original image by Aaron Dana modification by Denise Kupferschmidt

Year in and year out people are all like “hey, sorry I missed your podcast” and I say “that’s cool” while in my head I’m all like “IT ISN’T A DAMN PODCAST, IT’S THE INTERNET’S FIRST/ONLY/BEST ALTERNATE AUDIO BROADCAST OF MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL. IF IT WERE A PODCAST IT WOULD BE HIGHLIGHTS OF OUR BROADCAST¬†WITH THE FULL INTERVIEW THAT WE RAN PART OF DURING HALFTIME OF THE SHOW!” I think this because I’m a jerk of course, but now you get the chance to tell me that you missed our podcast (which you now can listen to whenever you want) and totally be right on the money with FOOTBALLZ! THE PODCAST! Every week we’ll post our favorite moments from our live show that happens every Monday at 8:30pm here on FOOTBALLZ.ORG and THECLASSICAL.ORG along with the full and unexpurgated interview that we use for our halftime festivities. THIS WEEK, the highlights from week one’s match up between the Giants and the Lions and our interview with Classical King of Words David Roth!

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