Sports Illustrated’s Peter King is a gigantic fan of coffee and includes a section of his weekly Monday Morning Quarterback column entitled “Coffeenerdness.” Throughout the season, journalist Gregg Gethard will interview some of the baristas and others in the coffee industry who have interacted with Peter King over the course of the season. 

Karl Roffer has worked as a barista at the Starbucks located across the Street from Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver for the past three years. Here, he recounts service Peter King his coffee two weeks ago, which was briefly referenced in a Monday Morning Quarterback.

“Hello there. I’m a Karl Roffer. I’m a barista at the Starbucks located across the street from Sports Authority Field at Mile High here in Denver. I didn’t know until now that some football writer Peter King came into the Starbucks and I served him. I remember his order – double iced mocha latte on the rocks with a splash of caramel syrup. He even brought in his own cup.

I’m no stranger to celebrity. I moved out to Denver a few years ago from my native Connecticut because of the snowboarding. I’m a huge fan of live music and I go to a lot of shows and stuff. My favorite local band is now probably your favorite national band – The Lumineers. I got to be friends with those guys.

You know that awesome “Hey Ho” song that’s the definitive song of this or any other generation? You know those lyrics “I’ve sleeping here instead? I’ve been lying in my bed? I’ve been lying in my bed?” That’s MY bed! Well, at one time it was.

My apartment had some bed bugs and I had to get rid of my mattress. I was hanging out with The Lumineers one night after they performed at Modern Rock Channel 93.3’s Fall Ball sponsored by Gadzooks and told them about my problem. Stelth Ulvang, the Lumineers pianist, he asked me where my bed was at the time. I told him I threw it out in the dumpster in the parking lot of my complex. He said he wanted it.

I reminded him that the mattress was filled with lice and larvae and was now literally garbage. He told me that his main hobby was collecting used, soiled mattresses. So I told Stelth that yeah, sure, you could have my trash bed.”


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