First off, good question (you are probably one of smartest individuals within your group of friends).  Footballz was started in the fall of 2009 by a trio of vagabonds (herein referred to as “TD”, “Mac” and “Ken”) who were bored with the current state of in-game football analysis.  So they put together their few shekels, rented a living room in a posh section of Cambridge, MA, threw a bunch of computers, mics, soundboards, and mixers onto the coffee table and pressed the record button.  And, POOF! … Footballz was born.  Footballz is intended to be a companion broadcast to ESPN’s Monday Night Football tv broadcast.  Hosts Mac and TD talk about the game as it happens, not by doing play-by-play necessarily but rather examining the unspoken and often comical hidden aspects of the beautiful game of football being played on the professional level.  Perhaps the Boston Phoenix (RIP) described it best, when they tagged us, “Mystery Pigskin Theatre 3000.”


MAC‘s earliest football memories are the Patriots’ improbable run to the Superbowl in 1985. Three unlikely road wins in the playoffs, culminating in the the Squish The Fish game, left a deep seeded impression on him. From that point on he has bled Patriots’ red, white, and blue. But beyond the Patriots, Mac is ultimately a fan of the NFL, voraciously watching every game he possibly can when he is not djing around town or performing with one of his bands.

TD is a Seattle born and bred fan, which means a lot of talk about east coast bias and rain, TD is a writer and performer who’s work has appeared in  The Tardy Eagle, on the Classical, and at his tumblr. He really enjoys the sound of his own voice. He brings an ability to ramble and be easily offended but also a lack of tact and class, so there’s that.

Producer Chris
, a.k.a. “Chris Braiotta” is an opinionated pedant who lives near Boston, MA. His writing has appeared here and there. Recently, he co-starred in and co-scored the short film “Fecund Blessings” which you should book a screening of. More info at http://planchettesaysyes.com.

Ananth joined the Footballz show in 2013 and quickly rose up the ranks from contributor to producer and now Executive Producer. He lines up most of the guests on the program and overall does whatever he can to keep the show running smoothly. Ananth is better known in NBA circles for his tireless reporting and contributions to several magazines and blogs. He has written for Dime Magazine, Hardwood Paroxysm, The Classical, and SLAM magazine. Follow him on Twitter at @Ananth_Pandian

KEN (founder/producer emeritus) has returned to the fold of quasi-religious football fanship after a decade long tramp through the fruitless forests of pointless indignation. Pizza had a lot to do with it.  Producer Ken has since left the show and can only make contact with Mac and TD through the Footballz Live chat, per court order.


Deborah grew up watching soccer and wishes that MLS were more popular than the NFL — not that she watches MLS. After years of confusion about why the game stops when players make their intended plays, Deborah has decided that it’s not really worth figuring the ins and outs of football rules. Instead, Deborah has grown into her role as dutiful wife by spending time in the kitchen so that her husband’s dude friends can eat well while they watch sanctioned violence and future lawsuits.

Gregg Gethard  is a well-known individual. He often goes by name ‘The Greggulator’ amongst others.  Gregg has been a contributor to Footballz since its onset, whether it’s keeping the chat lively with his trolling expertise, updating us on what’s going on with Monday Night RAW, portraying characters, or writing for the site, Gregg’s contributions are invaluable.  He lives in Philadelphia but hates the Eagles.  I mean, really hates the Eagles.  In a way that does not seem humanly possible.

Matt Parish  is a freelance writer and frequent contributor to Footballz.  He grew up in Lima, OH as a huge Cleveland Browns fan and has been cursed with this love for the rest of his life.  His work has appeared in the Boston Globe, Boston Phoenix, and JazzEd.

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